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Wheel Alignment in Mission Viejo, CA

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Your vehicle’s wheel alignment is something that should be continually monitored just like other constantly changing components. Normal road travel will cause a variety of performance issues from wear-and-tear. A vehicle’s wheel alignment is no exception. From simply driving every day, your wheels are gradually becoming misaligned. Just like tires and brake pads, the wheels need to be monitored on a consistent basis. The tires are actually a good place to start for recognizing the need for a wheel alignment service. When the tire tread is wearing unevenly–only on one side of the tire–this usually means you need a wheel alignment. Be proactive with any of your tire and wheel alignment services. Our goal is to always protect your investment in quality road performance by providing our precision alignment service.

After Impacts With Potholes and Curbs

All vehicle’s wheels are gradually becoming misaligned, but there are ways to speed up the process. For instance, the wheels might accidentally run into a pothole. Even if you don’t notice a drastic change in your vehicle’s steering and handling, the wheel alignment should be inspected sooner than later. A minor or major impact will start your vehicle on a quick path to misalignment, if it’s not severely misaligned already. We use the industry’s most accurate wheel alignment equipment to perform precision alignments. Next time you take your vehicle out, check your tires to see if there are any signs of uneven tread wear. The sooner you get to our shop, the better chance you have of saving your tires while fixing the wheel alignment. Protect your tires as you protect your fellow passengers with our expert wheel alignment service. Driving straighter is driving safer! Avoid drifting into another lane of traffic, and prevent early tire balding, blowouts, or punctures

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The most obvious sign of a need for wheel alignment service is the veering or pull to the left or right. When you loosen your grip on the steering wheel, the vehicle should continue to drive straight by itself. Drivers will often not notice the misalignment because they’ve unconsciously adjusted their steering to compensate. Because they don’t notice the problem, it continues and their tires continue to wear unevenly. Vehicles continue to be unsafe when . Give us a call today at 949-647-4596 to schedule a wheel alignment service appointment. You can also use our convenient online scheduling system right now. Save time and get your vehicle’s wheels straightened to our exacting standards. Next time you’re in the area–23662 Via Fabricante–feel free to stop by for a quick alignment correction. We gladly accept all of our walk-ins!