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The most complicated engine components to repair are transmissions. Many amateur Do-It-Yourselfers will leave all transmission repair services to the professionals. Even some professionals will pass along complicated transmission repair jobs. That’s where we come to the rescue of any vehicle owners experiencing problems shifting gears and accelerating smoothly. Auto Care Experts in Mission Viejo is a full-service facility serving the entire Orange County, CA area. We can handle it all! Our ASE Certified techs use the most advanced diagnostic equipment to let you know exactly what’s happening with your transmission. When drivers try to self-diagnose their transmission, it can end up costing more in the long run. Time and money are precious and so is your transmission’s quality performance. Choose the repair shop of experts that will not perform any unnecessary and expensive transmission repairs. We can provide all transmission maintenance services, including transmission fluid flushes, fills, and changes. We find ways to solve transmission performance problems before performing expensive transmission rebuilds and replacements.

Smoother Gear Shifting–Accelerate With Ease

As soon as you notice a problem with your vehicle’s transmission, bring it to Auto Care Experts. Is your vehicle having trouble pulling away and accelerating into traffic? How about random gear slippage? These transmission issues can make your vehicle’s road travel dangerous for you, your passengers and other motorists. Our technicians can fix any abnormal noises, grinding, or difficulty when shifting gears, and will diagnose, repair or replace any problems from a worn clutch. Pay close attention to any of the warning signs that your transmission gives when out driving. The sooner you respond by letting our experts have a look, the quicker we can return your transmission to peak performance. Some of the more obvious warning signs are delayed response after shifting into first or reverse, transmission fluid leaks, strange sounds and smells, hard to shift gears, and more. Get a clear diagnosis and final solution to all of your vehicle’s transmission problems.

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Enhance your vehicle’s overall performance by maintaining your transmission. The transmission can suffer from neglect if you don’t have adhere to a quality service plan. The Auto Care Experts will keep you ahead of any transmission problems. We’ll perform quality transmission maintenance or repair services. Just give us a call today at 949-588-9813 to schedule your transmission repair or transmission service appointment. You can even schedule right now, using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by our full service facility and say hi! We look forward to meeting you and servicing your vehicle.

  • Unusual Sounds – This could be anything from a whirring, clicking, clanking, squealing, or grinding.

  • Engine Light – If your check engine light comes on.

  • Odd Odors—Strange smells around the hood or underbody of the vehicle, especially burnt smells.

  • Slipping—If you’re trying to accelerate your vehicle and it’s going slower than it should, but the engine is racing.

  • Stalling—Your vehicle stalls as you press the gas pedal.

  • Stalling—Your vehicle stalls as you press the gas pedal.

  • Trouble Shifting—If your vehicle is shifting unexpectedly or if you notice it shifting early or late.

  • Leaks—Fluid stains under or around your vehicle.

  • Sticky Shift Handle—Noticeable difficulty moving the shift handle, in any position.

  • Difficulty in Reverse—You shift into reverse but your car doesn’t budge.

  • Debris or Metal—An autobody technician would find this during a transmission repair service.

  • Shift Indicator Doesn’t Work—If you start your car and the shift indicator is not on (P) or (N) then it’s not working properly.

  • Vehicle Doesn’t Move—While the car is in drive it doesn’t move, even if the engine is racing.

  • No Power—There is no power when you press the gas pedal.

  • Trouble in the Morning—When you first start the vehicle, it has difficulty moving or shifting.

  • Movement While in Park or Neutral—If your vehicle moves or jerks when in park or neutral.

  • Downshifting Doesn’t Work—If you’re in icy conditions going downhill, you can use the transmission to slow the car down. If this is not working, you may have trouble.