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The best rule of thumb when purchasing new tires is that they should all be as identical as possible; otherwise, they might not all have the same response time or accuracy. It’s ideal when all four tires wear out at the same time, but sometimes certain tires wear out faster than others. So what happens when you only have to buy one or two tires?

If you only need to replace one tire, try to find one that is an exact match to your other three. In other words, try to find the same brand, speed rating, line, and size of your other tires or as close as you can come. Don’t be tricked into buying a cheaper tire that doesn’t match what you have, you’ll only be causing yourself more problems down the line.

When replacing a pair of tires, it’s still ideal to find ones that are identical to your existing tires. If you can’t find an exact match, try to find tires of the same size and type. While your tires are being replaced, make sure to ask why these tires wore out faster than your other two. The answer probably lies within your suspension, and simply installing new tires will not solve the problem. To prevent a second pair of tires wearing out, make sure you have any bent or worn suspension components replaced.