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Shocks vs. Struts: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to your vehicle’s suspension system, the shocks and struts play a big role in keeping your suspension functioning at a high level. Though you may hear about them all the time, many don’t know the difference between the two suspension components. Well, the biggest difference between them is their function. For shocks, they’re responsible for preventing the car from bumping up and down when you’re on the road. For the struts, they play a more structural role as they’re used to help mount the coil spring.

So, when you do end up needing shock or strut repair, make sure you visit the Auto Care Experts in Mission Viejo, California. Our ASE Certified technicians are well versed on all components of your suspension system, including the shocks and struts. We’ll be able to take care of any problem you have so you can drive with comfort and confidence!

Do You Have Worn Shocks and Struts?

It’s important for car owners to understand that constant care of your shocks or struts is necessary for maintaining a healthy suspension system. Just like many other components in your vehicle, they are susceptible to wear-and-tear. Ideally, your shocks and struts will last you around 50,000 miles or ten years depending on your driving habits. But as they get older, it’s good to know the signs of wear-and-tear. Unsure of what those signs are? Well don’t worry, the Auto Care Experts are here to help you. Here are some classic signs of wear-and-tear that you should stay aware of!

Bouncy Vehicle

This is a telltale sign of worn shocks and struts. If your vehicle is sensitive to everything you drive over and it aggressively bumps up-and-down, that means those components are worn out. When working together, they help stabilize the movement in your vehicle and keep the tires on the ground when you drive over bumpy roads.

Strange Sounds

Another telltale sign of wear-and-tear for your suspension system, and specifically the struts. As your struts wear out, they lose some of their support. If left unattended, the strut will eventually bottom out and cause metal-to-metal contact that can cause noises while you drive.

Front and Back Ends Sit and Leans Forward

When working properly, the shocks and struts provide stability for your vehicle when it speeds up and slows down. If your vehicle leans forward or stops while you’re accelerating or decelerating, that’s an indication that you may be dealing with worn shock and struts.

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For you to have a smooth drive, you need to have a properly functioning suspension system. In order for your suspension to function properly, you need strong shocks and struts. If your shocks and struts start to wear out, visit the Auto Care Experts in Mission Viejo, CA. Our ASE Certified technicians will be able to provide the repairs and replacements your vehicle needs so it can drive smoothly on the roads. Give us a call at 949-647-5305 and schedule an appointment with us today! Need same-day service? No problem. Visit our shop at 23662 Via Fabricante! We happily accept all walk-ins!*

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