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Do You Need Engine Service?

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. It’s directly responsible for making your vehicle move and without it, you wouldn’t be able to drive. Manufacturers spend a significant amount of time optimizing the engine to perform at its best. From the pistons to the timing belt, each component within the engine is modified to provide the best performance possible.

So when you find yourself needing quality engine repair, make sure to visit the Auto Care Experts in Mission Viejo, California. Our ASE Certified technicians will be able to diagnosis what’s wrong with your vehicle and provide you with the best repair so your engine can perform at the level you expect it to. Whether you hear grinding from your engine or you have an oil leak, our team will be able to handle any problem your vehicle may have!

Signs Your Engine is Malfunctioning

Since the engine plays an important part in operating your vehicle, it’s good to learn of signs when you may experience engine failure. Though it’s ideal that you go through no engine trouble at all, it’s also good for you to stay proactive of the possible signs. By staying proactive of the engine’s condition, you’ll be able to catch problems before they get worse and avoid a more expensive repair bill. Not sure of what you should look or listen for? Well, the Auto Care Experts are here to help you!

Strange Noises

Though small noises may be normal, loud and distinct noises are not. If you hear tapping and popping, you have some problems with your engine’s cylinders as the gas could be firing prematurely in the combustion chamber. Another distinct sound is grinding. If you hear this while you try to start your engine, you may need to adjust or replace your starter motor.

For grinding in particular, make sure you listen to when the grinding occurs. If you hear it while shifting gears, it may be a transmission problem. If you hear it while you use your brakes, you may have a brake problem.

Stalling and Jerking

Whenever you drive your vehicle, it should be smooth and hitch free. When you start feeling random stalls, jerks, and hitches during your drive, that could be a sign of engine problems. Some specific causes include bad spark plugs, clogged fuel lines or fuel filters, and lack of clean motor oil in the engine. Regardless of what the issue is, make sure you bring your vehicle into our shop if you start experiencing this!


So there are three smoke colors that you need to stay aware of when you drive — blue, white, and black. If you see any of these come from the back or front of your car, make sure you bring your vehicle into our shop immediately. Being proactive will ensure that you avoid any additional damage to your vehicle’s engine!

  • Blue Smoke: this typically occurs when motor oil is being mixed and burned with the gasoline. A cause for this is that the piston rings aren’t sealed properly and the oil is leaking through the rings and into the combustion chamber. This will quickly reduce your motor oil and could eventually cause serious engine damage if left unattended
  • White Smoke: this will occur when coolant has mixed with gasoline. A cracked cylinder head, blow head gasket, or cracked engine block could be the culprit for the coolant leaking through. Another way to check is by inspecting your engine oil dipstick. If you see a slimy brown color, it’s a clear sign that coolant has mixed with your gasoline
  • Black Smoke: this means there is too much fuel in the combustion chamber and there’s an imbalance in the air/fuel ratio, also known as “running rich.” Some causes for this include a stuck injector, bad O2 sensor, or the engine going into limp mode. Make sure to bring your vehicle to our shop as running rich isn’t great for your vehicle’s catalytic converter

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Your engine deserves the best care possible. It’s too important for it to receive anything less than high-quality care, and that’s why you need to come to the Auto Care Experts in Mission Viejo, CA. Our ASE Certified technicians will quickly diagnose the problems with your engine and give it the care it needs. Whether your vehicle is hitching or black smoke is coming from your exhaust pipe, our team will handle any problem with your engine. Give us a call at 949-647-5305 and schedule an appointment with us today! Has the engine been running rich for too long? No problem. Visit our shop at 23662 Via Fabricante! We happily accept all walk-ins!*

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