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What is a Catalytic Converter?

As a part of your vehicle’s emissions control system, the catalytic converter plays an important role in converting harmful gases created by your vehicle into harmless gasses. Specifically, it focuses on three gases — hydrocarbons (creates smog), carbon monoxide (poisonous for air-breathing animals), and nitrogen monoxide (creates smog and acid). After going through the catalytic converter, those gases transform into harmless compounds such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and water. Without your converter, your vehicle would be releasing those harmful gases out into the atmosphere, which can create long-term problems for our planet. Along with that, if the state you live in requires a smog and emissions test your vehicle wouldn’t be able to pass it.

So when your catalytic converter needs a repair, make sure to visit the Auto Care Experts in Mission Viejo, California. Our ASE Certified technicians will be able to quickly fix your converter so you’ll be able to pass your next smog and emissions test. Whether your fuel efficiency drops or your vehicle doesn’t accelerate, our team will be able to take care of any problem your converter has.

Why It’s Important?

The catalytic converter plays an important role in keeping your vehicle environmentally friendly. Without it, the hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides produced by your vehicle would be released into the atmosphere. Since 1996, every vehicle sold in the U.S. has come equipped with an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) II system. This system assesses how much pollution is leaving your vehicle’s tailpipe. If too much pollution escapes, it’ll produce a trouble code. During a smog and emissions test, a technician will be able to read that trouble code coming from your OBD II system and you’d fail the test.

Though this may seem like a lot, companies have taken huge steps forward to make their vehicles more economically friendly. In today’s age, no vehicle leaves a factory without an OBD II installed because of its importance to the smog and emissions test. Along with that, most states have made it against the law for vehicles to even operate without a catalytic converter.

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If your vehicle has catalytic converter problems, make sure you visit the Auto Care Experts in Mission Viejo, CA and have it repaired immediately. Our ASE Certified technicians will have the tools and expertise to quickly repair any problem your converter may have. Having a properly functioning converter ensures that your vehicle is green and it greatly increases your chances of passing the state’s smog and emissions test. Give us a call at 949-647-5305 and schedule an appointment with us today! Need same-day service? No problem. Visit our shop at 23662 Via Fabricante! We happily accept all walk-ins!*

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