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Your vehicle’s braking system is its most important safety component. Quality brake service is all about being proactive, and you should bring your vehicle to Auto Care Experts in Mission Viejo, CA as soon as you notice a problem. While we all appreciate an engine’s high-powered performance, we would gladly trade that for trustworthy and effective brakes. Let our ASE Certified techs have a look at your braking system as soon as you notice an issue. Your brakes are designed to give you an early alert when the brake pads have worn too low. The first warning sign is usually a high-pitch squeal when you apply the brakes. This is common among most motorists and is not a time to panic. However, it definitely should not be ignored. This can often go unnoticed because cabin noise is too loud. By simply rolling the windows down or turning off the stereo, drivers can hear clearly if the brakes are making any strange noises. We’re able to perform a thorough brake inspection or brake service to let you know exactly what’s happening with your brakes.

Quality Brake Checks & Repairs

An accurate diagnosis from our qualified technicians will make sure you don’t receive unnecessary or incomplete brake repair service. The other warning signs can be felt as you drive. Both the steering wheel and the brake pedals can start to vibrate or shake when there is a problem with your braking system. This is definitely something that you should bring to our team as soon as possible. If your brake pads have worn all the way down, you will experience a metal-on-metal grinding noise every time you apply your brakes. This noise is unmistakable and is definitely an emergency. You should cease driving your vehicle if it’s reached this stage. Auto Care Experts in Mission Viejo should be your first stop. It might be better to get towed to our location to avoid causing further damage to your braking system.

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Our team is ready to perform any brake service or brake repair for your vehicle. Auto Care Experts will make sure your vehicle is always at peak performance with quality brake service and repairs. Give us a call today at 949-588-9813 to schedule your brake service appointment. You can even schedule your appointment right now, using our convenient online scheduling system. Just pick a date and a time that works best for you, and we’ll have our expert brake service team ready to meet you. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop on by. We gladly welcome all walk-ins!

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