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Dealership Alternative Routine Brake Maintenance

Your brakes are the most significant safety component in your vehicle. Auto Care Experts of Mission Viejo, CA is the local dealership alternative for professional brake repair and maintenance service. Routine maintenance isn’t difficult and it is relatively simple and inexpensive. However, it is very important not only for the safety of you but your passengers as well. Do you know when the last time you had your bakes checked? If not drop by our shop located at 23662 Vía Fabricante, and a brake repair specialists will help you get back on track. Routinely maintenance will reduce unexpected breakdowns and eliminate costly and avoidable repairs. It is important to have them inspected a few times a year to ensure they are in good working condition. We stand by our repairs and use quality aftermarket and OEM parts. With a solid reputation throughout Mission Viejo for being fair, honest, and affordable. Call (949) 588-9813 for dealership alternative brake repair and maintenance service

Warning Signals

Your Brakes will give warning signals that you have a problem. Trouble is, some warning signs are missed due to loud music and or the air conditioner being on and masking the audible warning signals. Because of this, it is important to listen to your vehicle while driving occasionally. Turn your music and air / heat off this will allow you to hear how your car sounds when braking. Signals can be both heard and/or felt. For example, when your bake pads are running thin a small metal wear indicator is exposed and makes a loud high-pitched squealing sound. When you hear this noise you need new brake pads and failure to replace them could lead to you damaging your rotors. Another common warning sign is shaking while braking. May mean you need new tires or your rotors may be warped or damaged. Spongy or unresponsive brakes is another warning signal to watch out for. It can be difficult to explain; yet you will know why it’s called “spongy” if you have this problem. This can be due to air in the brake line or loss of brake fluid due to a lack. If you have any of the above problems, call or go online and schedule a brake inspection immediately!

Choose Auto Care Experts for Brake Repair and Maintenance Service

Auto Care Experts is devoted to providing Mission Viejo, CA with expert brake repair and maintenance service. Confidence in our work is back by an industry leading 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty. Call (949) 588-9813 or schedule your appointment online today!

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